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Roc The Peace
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Rochester, NY 14624

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Company Description: rochester, ny christopher “c-snake boogie” jones liked sports and girls. he was quiet, the youngest of four boys, but on nov. 17, 2007, he went from being an ordinary 16-year-old to a statistic the 52nd homicide victim in the rochester region for the year, when he was gunned down outside his home. on (what would have been) chris’ 17th birthday in 2008, his mother, sirena cotton, put together the first “peace for chris fest and all victims of violence.” cotton has sent organized a peace festival each year, renaming it “roc the peace,” to honor victims of any type of inner-city violence. the event seeks to impede the continual slaughter on rochester’s relentless streets. “roc the peace” will takes place each year, typically in july at rochester’s jones square park. it features a variety of speakers and entertainment, all with one thought in mind: stopping violence in rochester, new york.
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